Arizona 42″ Bathroom Cabinet

ARIZONA 42″ traditional classic white bathroom vanity comes in an optinal marble countertop with a white undermount porcelain sink . It is pre-assembled and ready for use and this feature make it convenient in setup to a large extent . It is made of wood and MDF(medium-density fiberboard) which provides longer durability and submit more quality. It has two soft-closing drawers and doors In other words it has automatic stop and this detail prevents from your vanity being damaged . It has one single sink. Its finish is Silk Matte Paint. It comes with three different color shades. Anthracite, white and gray. All three colors are trendy and we assure you it will suit your bathroom so well. Knobs are finished with inox. Inox submits permanent quality and never breaks down. Its dimensions are 33”H x 42”W x 22” D . If you want a marble countertop , it is optional ,too. Marble countertop looks elegant , cool and bright and very easy to clean . Besides, matching mirror choices for the vanity is available.

Product Code: 43HG

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